Uninsurable, Unmortgageable and Unsellable Homes

Families living in flood-risk areas could be left with uninsurable and unsellable home:  The town of Morpeth in Northumberland faced massive flooding in 2008, hitting 950 homes. Alan Bell, chairman of the Morpeth Flood Action Group, says many locals have been unable to sell their homes because they cannot get affordable home insurance. Millions of families living in flood-risk areas are being threatened that they will be placed on a blacklist, which could leave their homes uninsurable and unsellable.

About 5.5 million households classed as ‘at risk of flooding’ are caught in the middle of a tug of war between the profit-hungry insurers and a cost-cutting Government.

An agreement called the Statement of Principles is in force between insurers and the Government.

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