Never seen flooding like it in 50 years in the village

On 31 August 2012 the West Cumbrian Times & Star newspaper reported  “Flash-flooding in Seascale and Gosforth was the worst a firefighter has ever seen”. David Moore, watch manager at Seascale Fire Station, said: “In my 40 years of working as a firefighter here I’ve never seen anything like this. The water levels in Seascale and Gosforth were up to car level.” Village resident Mr Pattison said that he had never seen flooding like it in 50 years in the village.He praised the community spirit in both villages as neighbours have helped to clear flood debris and make food for those whose homes were flooded.

Fire crews spent hours pumping out the flood water from cellars and ground floors of homes.

In Gosforth, the worst-hit areas were Beck Place, Meadowfield Grove and Meadow Close.

Lynn and Bill Pattison, of Beck Place, said the first they knew about the torrential rain was when their electricity went out.

Mr Pattison went outside to clear the beck, but because of the speed the area flooded, he was unable to get back through the front door and was forced to climb up a ladder into an upstairs window.

“It was just like a flash flood,” said Mrs Pattison. “He couldn’t get back in because I didn’t want to open the door.”

Mr Pattison said that he had never seen flooding like it in 50 years in the village.

John Maclaurin, of Meadowfield Grove, said: “The beck was right up and the water was running into my back garden. Firefighters had to kick the fence down on one of the houses to let the water run through the garden. I have never seen water like that in my life. It went through everyone’s garages. It was just like a river running through.”

Chris Himsworth, of Meadow Close, said although his home was not flooded, around six of the 16 properties on the close were.

Mr Himsworth: “I have never known this in 25 years I have been here. It has rained before, and blocked drains have just caused a puddle, but never anything like this.”

Fire services say around 30 properties were affected in the Seascale area, particularly on South Parade and Railway Terrace. Mr Moore said: “ The only time I have seen it like that was in a photo taken in 1953.

A road in Gosforth has been closed as a result of damage caused by the flood. An emergency closure affecting both motorists and pedestrians has been placed along U4090 Back Boonwood from its junction with the A595 to Mill House Farm. Access to Wasdale and Santon Bridge are not affected. Vehicles can use the A595 through Gosforth as an alternative route.

Times & Star
Community spirit praised as Cumbrian residents rally after floods
By Sarah Robinson and Jenny Barwise
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