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Flood may be the first time in living memory

Careful study needed if Wales is to make good use of floodplains says Simon Haslett, Professor of Physical Geography and Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University of Wales in his article at Wales Online. Certainly for residents of flooded areas it may be the first time in living memory that they have suffered an inundation, but that doesn’t mean that floods have not occurred in these areas in the past. Continue reading Flood may be the first time in living memory

Role of the third sector in Cumbria flood recovery

Recently Cumbria CVS completed a research project that established the importance of the work of the voluntary sector in helping Cumbrian communities recover from the November 2009 floods.
It is interesting to note that on page 89 of the document they say:  The ‘statement for principles’ ends in 2013. There have been a number of flood summits attended by the Association of  British Insurers (ABI), Brokers, Insurance companies, Nation Flood Forum (NFF) and concerned MP’s. “Many areas that have been flooded are now facing increased premiums and vast excesses. Houses cannot be sold as new owners cannot obtain home insurance”.

Social justice and the future of flood insurance

Joseph Rowntree Foundation says: Catastrophic flooding events have become increasingly frequent in the UK and, with climate change, are likely to become even more frequent in the future. Page 13 of this document states: In England roughly 10 per cent of new build is in flood plain. In contrast, in Scotland there has been no new build in flood plain since 1995. The extent of new build in flood plains in England, in particular, (see Table 1) and the absence of regulations on flood resilience in building raise serious problems.

Government may now be unable to complete flood infrastructure

The UK has suffered the driest 18 months since records and with the south east and east Anglia already officially in a state of drought the Association of British Insurers (ABI) is warning home owners to be aware of the risk of subsidence.

Additionally the government may now be unable to complete the necessary flood infrastructure due to lack of funds which will make it difficult for owners to purchase insurance cover if the government fails to build flood-control infrastructure.. Continue reading Government may now be unable to complete flood infrastructure

High-Risk Stakes on Flood Insurance

Flooding is the biggest environmental threat facing the UK, according to Defra chief Scientist Sir Bob Watson. The risks of flooding are projected in increase significantly across the UK. The landmark Climate Change Risk Assessment, published earlier this year, set out a clear case on the scale of the risk facing the UK from climate change and increasing flood risk. This is not news to the many communities already facing heightened risk from flooding. Full article 08/03/2012

Flood damage costs between £20,000 and £40,000+

Moneywise reveals the 10 most common problems that are likely to impact the value of your home.

LIVING ON A FLOOD PLAIN is number three only being beaten by ANTI-SOCIAL NEIGHBOURS and ILLEGAL HOME ‘IMPROVEMENTS’ and will cost between £20,000.00 to £40,000.00. Continue reading Flood damage costs between £20,000 and £40,000+